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Explore differently!

We are a boutique travel apartments agency headquartered in Barcelona, founded with a clear purpose: Be fully dedicated to represent Barcelona trough a distinctive & delightful lodging experience.

Why Vintage?

It’s all about being different; It’s all about doing new discoveries and finding new treasures in life.

We understand vintage as being different, as being a relic, as a way to discover existing things, and exploring with new eyes. Vintage is experimenting new discoveries and finding new treasures.


We are the ones that believes in travel as an exploration
As an opportunity to do new discoveries.
We are explorers.
Explorers are willing to do something new,
are willing to share new experiences,
and are willing to explore with new eyes.
We believe in travel as a never ending story.
The more you see, the more you want to see,
the more you want to know,
the more you want to come back.
We believe in travelling with soul
In enriching ourselves embracing local traditions.
We believe that every travel is a new opportunity to
Explore Differently